Meet Ryan Smith, Senior IT Specialist, Based in the United States

Ryan Smith, Senior IT Specialist at FHI Clinical, has been in IT for 12 years, but recently transitioned from the hospitality industry into clinical research. As part of the help desk group, he’s responsible for keeping everyone organized, answering questions, fixing problems with technology and systems and providing training as needed. Watch this video to learn more about how Ryan and the IT team have supported their global colleagues and managed technology systems remotely over the last 18 months.
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"It is a lot about the people that you work with and how they interact with systems. As the help desk, your role is to fix problems and give employees a sense that they have control over the system in front of them. It is human-focused. On a day-to-day basis, I primarily deal with the people and the interaction between the people and the machine.”

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Meet Daniel Joffe, Senior Clinical Project Manager, Based in South Africa

Meet Daniel Joffe, Senior Clinical Project Manager at FHI Clinical. “It can be a tough job­ — but it’s the most amazing feeling when things come together, for example, when a site or study is initiated. You look back and see what we accomplished as a team. That’s the reward — when you know that all the hard work paid off. That’s what keeps me motivated.”

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