Meet Stephanie Nono, Clinical Research Associate, Based in Côte d’Ivoire

Stephanie Nono, Clinical Research Associate at FHI Clinical and based in Abidjan, the largest city of Côte d’Ivoire, starts her day off with site communication. “I reach out to the sites to gather information and log the data into Smartsheet, a tool we use for work collaboration. Once I connect with my team, I send the information to the sponsor.”

Currently, Stephanie is working on a feasibility project for a global COVID-19 study where she connects with potential sites to learn more about their resources, such as existing staff and equipment, the regulatory process and more.

“In the field, you have to be very detail-oriented, whether it’s for the drug that the medical team is dispensing, the pharmacy or the freezer where the study specimens are stored.”

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When do you feel most fulfilled by your work at FHI Clinical?
“I am just happy to help people that I meet in the field, like our partners and site contacts. These people are often professors, medical doctors and nurses. I really enjoy our discussions because they offer me a new point of view.”
How does collaboration play a role in your work?
“We know how important it is to build trust with our site contacts, and we place value on remaining available and flexible to meet their needs. It’s all about collaboration, communication and close relationships.”
How do you like to spend your time outside of FHI Clinical?
“My children and I spend most weekends exploring the area around Abidjan. We just get in the car and drive for maybe an hour to spend time at the beach, hiking, that kind of thing. I enjoy being with my family!”

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