JUNE 8, 2020

Partners, friends and colleagues,

For centuries, Black communities in the United States have faced systemic racism, inequality and violence. Because silence fosters an environment where these injustices flourish, I am sharing this statement on behalf of the entire FHI Clinical team.

As an organization, FHI Clinical stands in solidarity with the brave individuals across the U.S. who are demanding change, and we stand with those working to advance equity and justice in all of the communities where we work around the globe. Because while the world watches the devastating impacts of racism ripple across the U.S., we must also acknowledge that racism is a global issue affecting people and communities everywhere.

FHI Clinical’s vision is to realize “a world where advances in vaccines and medicines help all people live longer, healthier lives.” We are committed to advancing the health of all people, and we honor this commitment by working in non-traditional research settings around the world to support the development of treatments for diseases from HIV and Ebola to malaria and Zika, diseases that disproportionally impact marginalized and underserved communities.

Today, we commit to being better and doing more. We will continue consulting and partnering with the communities where we work, and we will redouble our efforts to ensure that their voices inform and shape the way we do our work. We will reexamine our internal structures and evolve our practices to root out imbalances and inequality and ensure that everyone is represented, included and empowered.

We stand in solidarity with those who seek justice and the end of systemic racism, and we commit to ensuring that FHI Clinical continues to be a force for good in the world. 


Ted FitzGerald
CEO and President, FHI Clinical

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