TrialSite News podcast: Patient recruitment challenges for COVID-19 clinical trials

February 8, 2021
“It’s HARD to find patients for clinical trials”, Claudia Christian, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations at FHI Clinical, told Adrian Houser of TrialSite News in a recent sit-down about COVID-19 vaccine trials. “However, decades of conducting complex clinical research in resource-limited settings have taught us a few tricks,” says Claudia.
She explains that FHI Clinical starts by hiring a very diverse workforce—diverse in race, gender, culture, life experiences and geography. This diversity helps FHI Clinical recruit patients from around the world, ensuring a more varied and representative trial population and bringing the opportunity to participate in trials to underserved areas in the world. As a result, trials are better populated, the data is richer and sponsors are able to bring high-quality treatments to market faster.

Learn more about how FHI Clinical is solving patient recruitment and other challenges by listening to the full interview here.

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